CFO Services For My Business

Are you a business owner or CEO facing financial challenges? NextGen CFOs provide a wide range of services to our clients. Below are some of the challenges we’ve helped solve with client companies.

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CFO Services For My Business

Small and medium-sized businesses can grow, increase in value, and move ahead of their competition through superior financial management. NextGen CFO provides owners access to this level of financial management.

Small business owners often don't know how much capital they currently have, how much capital they need to meet their objectives, and how to fill the gap.

NextGen CFO can answer these questions and help businesses access more capital if needed.

Though typically adept at day-to-day bookkeeping and processing common transactions, financial staff may not be trained in financial analysis, business planning, and managing company capital.

With coaching and direction from a NextGen CFO, a company’s finance and accounting team can grow professionally and perform at a higher level.

Most owners never develop plans for increasing the value of their businesses. NextGen CFOs analyze businesses and identify opportunities to create value.

Our professionals also identify the steps required to take advantage of those opportunities and lay them out in a business plan.

NextGen CFO professionals handle the financial management function, allowing owners to focus on growing sales and developing long-term strategies.

NextGen CFO can assist when deciding to bring in investment capital, and then help keep investors informed and updated on company performance.

NextGen’s strategic business advisors also proactively help businesses with key activities that support owners’ goals.

Key components of effective planning include the appropriate level of owner involvement, detailed support, realism, functional area buy-in, and accountability.

A good plan should be timed by month, include a cash flow statement, and a set of annual projections for a 3-5 year period. NextGen can help you develop and improve your planning and budgeting process.

Business owners, managers, lenders, potential buyers, and others use financial information to make decisions.

NextGen can make sure reports such as balance sheet, profit and loss statement, statement of cash flows, and others are completed in a timely and accurate manner.

Have you considered your options? Do you have a plan? Does anyone know your plan? Do you have someone without a vested interest in the outcome to advise you and coach through the process?

NextGen is the perfect complement to your planning team to make sure the financial details are in place.