Engagement Options

NextGen CFO has flexible options for working with companies.

On-Site – This is our most utilized option. We come in to the company and operate as a part-time CFO. We get to know all the people in the business and get a good understanding of how the business operates, all while performing CFO duties we’ve agreed on.

Virtual or Hybrid – As with most companies during Covid, NextGen CFOs adapted to working from home or remotely. We are comfortable working in whatever environment suits your business – virtual or some virtual and some on-site.

Project – We can do CFO-level projects with a defined scope of work and price. As opposed to our standard services above, these will have a start and finish date. Typical projects performed include: raising capital, creating financial models, overseeing improvements in the finance department and coaching CFOs.

Interim – An interim CFO is brought in if the company terminates the CFO or the CFO leaves. NextGen CFOs are very good at filling an interim role – but we are usually only able to allocate 1-3 days per week as each of us have other clients on other days. It has been our experience that this is a cost-effective solution to fill in the time gap while searching for a permanent replacement.

Engagement Options
CFO Level Projects

Pricing Options

Pricing depends on the nature of the engagement and will be outlined in the proposal. Below are common examples:

$X per month for being on-site or virtual for a defined number of days in the month. 1 day per week is typical for a company with sales volume of $5 million to $50 million, but it can be less or more, depending on the company need.

$X per day for an engagement that has a fluctuating or uncertain number of days.

$X per hour for project work. In some cases, we might propose a total fixed fee for the project.

The prices we quote will be billed to you from the NextGen CFO. The company will not be responsible for payroll taxes or benefits.

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